November 16, 2015

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Charles Lindberg
with Father Charles Coughlin and 2 others at Branson, Mo
December 8 at 10:00 PM


Franklin Roosevelt is the worst president ever!  At last we’re finally in it!  How could he NOT see Pearl Harbor coming?  Mein Kampf has been in print for years. The Reichstag was burnt, the Germans started making weapons, they took the Sudetenland, they took Poland, half of France and are bombing the hell out of London.  Why wouldn’t FDR lead like a real American?

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Jefferson DavisJefferson Davis and one other in Richmond, VA
June 30, 1863

It is SO wonderful to be sitting here, gazing over the James River, contemplating the upcoming victory for General Lee in Southern Pennsylvania.  He’s so measured, sure to win, never one to make a mad dash against an enemy secured in an advantageous position.  Besides, suppose he makes a mistake?  He’s human after all.  Who’s going to stop him?  Some pointy-headed academic from Maine?

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Facebook HeaderNeyMarshall Ney and 12,000 others
8:00 AM, Monday, June 19, 1815

Y’know, after Quatre Bras and Ligny The Emperor, “Nappy,” thought we had it sussed.  He thought the Brits and the Prussians were a buncha’ losers!  We were going to be drinking Burgundy in Berlin and eating Camembert in London! Well we all knew differently.  The last time he listened to ME was when he asked about the fastest route to Moscow.  How was I to know we needed to take a LEFT at Smolensk!


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JeffreysHarold Jeffreys, Charles Schuchert and countless others
Just about any time before 1965

What IS it with this guy Wegener?  Doesn’t he understand that the continents have always been fixed in place?  They don’t drift and move like so many dumplings in your soup?  The man should go back meteorology and work on predicting whether it’s going to rain on the picnic next Saturday….

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al-BaghdadiAbu Bakr al-Baghdadi and 15,000 others
May, 2016

Well, I certainly didn’t see THAT coming!  After all, the West is a nest of weak and shuffling infidels.  They can’t agree on anything except how to turn and run.  They even hide behind their drones, too cowardly to face us in battle… or so I thought… before we tried to make a run for Ramadi…

The 101st Airborne certainly is treating me well enough, for now.  They are impressive guys and I can’t get over how easily they made friends with the Spetznaz.  Hell, I thought the Spetzies would be on OUR side.  As it is I’m now only master of my own domain…Facebook Footer