December 10, 2014

Atul Guwande’s 12 Tweets on the post-9/11 Torture

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Twelve tweets from the great Atul Guwande on the medical ethics behind the post-9/11 Torture Offenses

December 10, 2014

1- The Senate CIA Torture Report reveals savage, immoral, utterly despicable practices by our govt. 

2- But the worst for me is to see the details of how doctors, psychologists, and others sworn to aid human beings made the torture possible.

3- The torture could not proceed w/o medical supervision. The medical profession was deeply embedded in this inhumanity.

4- It was doctors who devised the rectal infusions “as a means of behavior control.” (p100)

5- Doctors suggested the water temperature for waterboarding and use of saline instead of free water to avoid water intoxication. (p86, 419)

6- Doctors watched as stress positions inflicted pain, lacerations, and only stopped them when producing, e.g., shoulder dislocation (70)

7- Psychologists, who were supposed to stop damaging interrogation, actually served as interrogators. (72)

8- The Office of Medical Services provided consultation on when fractures and wounds were healed enough to resume torture. (p113)

9- The Office of Medical Services wrote guidelines approving up to 3 waterboard sessions in 24 hours per prisoner. (p87)

10- When torture caused Abu Zubaydah’s eyes to deteriorate, MDs only intervened to insure ability to see was saved to aid interrogation.(112)

11- Doctors found prisoners with broken feet and still approved putting them into standing positions for up to 52 hours (p112)

12- Doctors were long the medical conscience of the military. The worst occurred because gov’t medical leaders abdicated that role. (p87)